XHTML/CSS Basics for Web Writers

A hands-on book for Web writing and Web page design and construction.  This book is designed for usuer with verying levels of experience in creating Web Sites, from aboslute beginners to those who need to update their skills for standards-complaint design.  It takes users through the Web design process, from assembling and inventorying information for a Web site to writing the text, locating graphics, and creating page design.  The book focuses principally on using Web code, specifically XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Covers the most recent developments in Web code. Includes discussion of XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Provides step-by-step instructions that show how to create standards-compliant Web pages. Uses a Web standards approach. Emphasizes valid markup that will also produce attractive, functional Web pages. Ensures users create code that is up-to-date and adaptable to the future developments of the Web, such as XML-enabled browsers. Includes chapters on using multimedia and XML. Introduces technologies, including Flash and XML, which are beyond the scope of XHTML/CSS but which will have an impact upon anyone working with Web site creation in the future. Present numbered steps for accomplishing specific tasks, such as assembling and cataloging site content, placing graphics on Web pages, creating CSS properties for text and more! Anyone interested in Web writing and Web page design and construction.

Author: Margaret W. Batschelet

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