Web Design Simplified: A Guide to HTML, CSS, Website Design & Development, Software and Programming

Learning basic web design or HTML and CSS can be a daunting task. If you are like most people, then you have a very basic knowledge of what website design and development is and the concepts behind it. You may know a bit about HTML and CSS or what the basic layout of website looks like. But designing and developing your own site is far more complex and requires skills you do not yet have. This book endeavors to throw light on the basics of website design and development and provide a thorough overview of the markup language HTML and CSS. In it you will find all you need to know about HTML and CSS, from its history to its syntax and working. If you are new to web design and programming this book will help you hone your skills and master HTML and CSS usage and structure. Even if you have some familiarity with the HTML and CSS languages you will still will find this web design and programming book a helpful reference while writing HTML and CSS code. The book is divided into five main sections that cover all major aspects of website design and development using HTML and CSS. The first introduces you to HTML, its history and it use. The second gives an introduction to the working of the internet and where HTML fits into the context. There is a detailed description of HTML tags, attributes and elements and how to use them in web design and programming. The third section deals with the concept of CSS in website design and development: what it is, why we should use it and more importantly, when. Then there is a section where different IDEs are discussed where you can develop HTML code and see how it will appear on the web. We have chosen MS FrontPage and Adobe Dream Weaver for their website design and development popularity, simplicity and availability. Finnaly we included a brief introduction to web hosting and CMS will familiarize you with Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. This is a natural next step when it comes to web design and programming. The book is full of website design and development examples and screenshots that will help the reader understand the code better and try working on code on their own. It is written in a very simple and comprehensive way and does not require any advance knowledge of website design and development software and programming. If you have used the internet only for e-mailing or social networking, you can still understand this web design and programming book and start working on developing your own webpages before uploading them on the worldwide web. HTML and CSS are the simplest website design and development tools and it is prudent to start with it as your first step in the long journey to understanding programming languages, especially the ones used to design web-based applications. This is the starting point for just about everyone when it comes to web design and programming. We hope you enjoy reading the website design and development book and that it proves helpful and useful for you. Table Of Contents For This Web Design And Programming Book: Welcome to Web Design and Programming History and Introduction of HTML and CSS The Internet & Web Design and Development Introduction to HTML HTML Tags and Their Attributes How To Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in Web Design and Programming HTML Forms and HTML Entities Images, Tables and Lists Web Hosting and Content Management Systems Summary Grab your copy today!

Author: Bill Richards

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