Quick Desktop Application Development Using Electron: Develop Desktop Application Using HTML CSS and JavaScript

This book is all about desktop application development using Electron framework.It covers all the important concept of Electron framework that will help a web developer to create a desktop application.It also shows how we can use HTML,CSS and JavaScript to build a desktop application.It has also covered the integration of AngularJS with Electron. Electron framework is built on 2 different processes named as browser and renderer process.Each of these process has a list of modules which handles specific area on desktop application development.Some of the modules are common to both of these processes.This book has focused some of the important module and explained it with coded examples.Some of the important topics are listed as follows:-

  1. Introduction to Electron
  2. Electron with AngularJS Integration
  3. Working with Browser Window
  4. Working with Menu
  5. Working with Tray Icon Menu
  6. Working with Remote Object
  7. Inter Process Communication
  8. Electron Dialog Window
  9. Working with Shell and Screen
  10. Electron Global Shortcut Registration
  11. Electron Node Notification
  12. Implementing Persistence Using Loki Database
  13. Working with Power Monitor
  14. Working with Clipboard

Author: Sandeep Kumar Patel

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