Pro CSS: CSS 1, CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 (Frontend Engineering) (Volume 2)

Frontend Engineering, Volume II: Pro CSS, explains the styling language that designers use to add artistry to their websites and mobile apps. It explains the basics (CSS 1) and the current state of the art (CSS 2.1). And it teaches you the latest techniques of CSS 3, such as adding motion to your HTML elements. This book is the print portion of a combined print/website "knowit" that will have you styling your own web pages with the online Examples. You will create your styled pages, beginning with simple styles and a basic stylesheet in Chapter 1 and ending with the most sophisticated, animated styling in Chapter 10. Prerequisite: solid knowledge of HTML up to HTML5, such as you would get from this series' Volume I: Pro HTML. Prepares you to go on to JavaScript.

Author: Martin Rinehart

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