HTML & HTML5: The ultimate beginners guide to learn the HTML, HTML5 and basic CSS Fundementals

Why study HTML? Learning HTML would enable you to become more familiar with how websites work and how browsers display a page. Alternatively, if you are aiming to become a web developer it is must. If you want to learn PHP, ASP, or even JavaScript, you will need to learn it as a prerequisite. HTML is THE language of the internet, so learning it could get you far in e-commerce. Whether you just want to learn it for learning’s sake or you want to use this book as a reference to pass your HTML certification, you will surely understand and know how HTML works and how you can create a web page from scratch after reading this book. This introduction will not be long; after all, you got a lot to read after this. Take note that HTML and CSS code examples will be in the Courier New font, the supposed result of those codes will be in Times New Romans (though some might not), and explanations and discussions will be left in regular font, which is Georgia. The book is aimed at beginners or to aspiring web developers. Nevertheless, it could be useful to advanced developers as a reference book for teaching HTML. Have fun learning HTML!

Author: Mike Stevenson

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