HTML & CSS For Beginners: A Simple Start To HTML & CSS (Written By A Software Engineer) (HTML, CSS, Web Design) (Volume 1)

Are You New To HTML & CSS? If so, this book was made specifically for beginners and will take you step-by-step to learn HTML and CSS. You'll Soon Discover: The Key Elements Of The Web Design Including: Layout, Color, Graphics, Fonts, Content - How To Create A User-Friendly Design and Simple Navigation - How To Implement Multimedia With Web Design (HTML & CSS) - The Basics Web Design - How To Use Elements, Tags, Attributes - Set Up The Structure Of An HTML Document With Nesting, Self-Closing Elements, Code Validation - What HTML Is & How To Use HTML - What CSS Is & How To Use CSS - The Common CSS Property Values, and Common Specificity - The CSS Advance Properties - The Developer Tools And Much More! If You Are New To HTML & CSS Then This Is The Guide For You Because It Will Take You Completely Through The Steps To Get Started So That You Come Out Feeling Confident About HTML & CSS.

Author: Scott Sanderson

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