HTML & CSS: A Beginner’s Guide: Creating  Quick and Painless Web Pages

HTML & CSS: A Beginner's Guide teaches you with the aid of colourful screenshots and diagrams how to create web sites and style them using Cascading Style Sheets. This book offers practical guidance, examples and know how without the long boring technical fluff and how to apply it to related Web development issues. You begin with a brief introduction to the Web and how Web pages actually work and steadily build on from there. Examples demonstrate how to use CSS to control a Web page's appearance and you can learn how to create Web pages that display text, images, lists, hyperlinks, forms and much more. Don't let the thought of learning HTML & CSS intimidate you. It's not rocket science. To get started you won't need any previous programming experience or knowledge, making it ideal for newbies. Each chapter builds upon the previous one, and by the end of this book you will have the skills to create your own Website.

Author: Mr Mitesh Dabhi

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