HTML and CSS Easy Web Design with XHTML

This book is the Second Edition of "HTML and CSS Easy Web Design". In this edition, we've updated the book with the latest technology and we added XHTML. With this information, you will be better prepared to design your website and understand the concept of web designing. The ability to create a website opens a gateway of communication with friends, interest groups, commercial customers and associates. If you have ever considered constructing your own website, or becoming a web programmer, there is only one place to begin: HTML. HTML is known as the foundation of all Internet programming. The HTML and CSS Easy Web Design teaches web development from the ground up; there is no need to have prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, XHTML or any other web programming techniques. The book is written in three parts - HTML, CSS and XHTML - all of which complement each other. The first part introduces you to HTML and provides you with a wealth of examples, laboratories and exercises. It guides you through the step-by-step process of building a new and fully functional website in HTML. The second part introduces you to CSS, which is indispensable in constructing a competent application. The third part is in XHTML, which is designed with great simplicity. In fact, this book is a three-in-one deal. All parts are organized using a sequence of examples, which demonstrate each step and provide an immediate sample of outputs. The pertinence and abundance of these examples helps you to develop your skills quickly and confidently. By completing the exercises provided you would be able to create and design the web pages you've visited and always wished to produce yourself. Moreover, this book is fully updated for the latest version and designed to be compatible with every browser. Elegant and efficient web design has never been so accessible! Chapters covered: Introduction to HTML, Formatting texts, Fonts and Colors, Adding styles to HTML, Working with tables, Entities, Link, Frames, Forms, Multimedia, Introduction to CSS, Formatting Texts in CSS, Link and images effects in CSS, CSS Layout and Menu, XHTML, Appendix. Never again will you need to pay someone else to build your website. In fact, you will build yours and others'.

Author: Mahmood Shanbedi

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