Developing Web Widget with HTML, CSS, JSON and AJAX: A Complete Guide to Web Widget

* Revised and updated, 2nd Edition 2/11/2012 * THE HANDS-ON, TUTORIAL-BASED GUIDE TO BUILDING SECURE AND HIGH PERFORMANT WEB WIDGET Get up to speed for developing web widget with design guidelines, standard practices, security measures and techniques for high performance. Developing Web Widget with HTML, CSS, JSON and Ajax is the first guide to creating web widgets, tiny web applications that can be embedded in a web page, blog or social profile. Inside, author of the bestselling book Creating Vista Gadget, Rajesh Lal provide readers with a methodology for building widget using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developing Web Widget starts with a step-by step tutorial starting from Hello World Widget to an advanced Web Widget which uniquely identifies the user based on the url and not only display user data but also update data. Reader will learn how to use techniques to ensure security and add high performance to the web widget. You will also learn how to create RSS based widgets using Ajax, Proxy Server and Google Ajax Feed API and Widgets based on Facebook APIs. The star Widget developed in the book is now a popular free service. To see it live, visit All code can be downloaded from the companion website. and

Author: Rajesh Lal

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