CSS Artistry: A Web Design Master Class (includes full-color Transcending CSS book and 2 1/2-hour Inspired CSS DVD video training)

“Andy Clarke has an uncanny ability to make you reconsider what you know and wonder why you hadn’t always done it his way.” — Dave Shea, creator of the CSS Zen Garden And it’s those uncanny abilities that make this Master Class—one-on-one instruction from Andy Clarke on camera, coupled with his bestselling full-color book containing hundreds more visual examples—the best way to absorb Andy’s amazing techniques and best practices for Web design. The book and workshop DVD-ROM deliver the ultimate CSS learning experience for intermediate to advanced Web designers looking to create beautiful and accessible designs. Inside you’ll find: • Proven techniques for creating inspiring designs that use lean, semantic markup and CSS• Numerous examples that use a visual approach to explain coding techniques• The latest advances in Web design, including the emerging CSS3 specification• A new design workflow for building successful prototypes and effective grids that works well for all team members• Instruction on advanced topics including typography, microformats, advanced CSS selectors, CSS3 modules, and layout techniques that employ floats, positioning, and margins• Inspiration from leading designers who embrace Web standards in their own work• Example files included so you can follow along Total running time: 2 hours, 34 minutes

Author: Andy Clarke

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